We work with our clients to identify the right marketing mix to meet their objectives. The media-neutral nature of our agency allows us to provide fully integrated marketing communications, utilising every marketing technique and discipline available to us to exceed our clients' expectations.

Brand Ambassadors

If you build a great experience, customers tell one another about that. Word of mouth is very Powerful.

We work across several channels and we know how to ensure your brand is at the forefront to increase your sales. Brand Activation rallies around activity that brings brands to life and encourages positive participation - physically or digitally. Regardless of how we deploy this activity, let's get the basics right. This will in turn deliver tangible and mutually beneficial value to clients, brands and customers alike. Brand Ambassadors are there to give customers and decision makers your first great impression.

Brand Management

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Our business is all about building your brand, but as we don’t believe one size fits all, we develop bespoke projects for all our clients to grow sales. You have the brand; we have the means to get that brand in front of the retailer and consumers – through insight, great people and our partnership approach to mutually benefit both businesses. 


Every great brand is like a great story.

Here at Feet on the Street we know how important it is to have the appropriate branding for your business. Therefore we develop bespoke project plans to ensure that the branding your business needs will be beneficial and will aid in portraying your business to standard. Branding is essential to any successful business, as it creates immediate recognition along with customer & client's trust.


Quality means doing it right when no one's looking.

Ensure correct Share of Space, adequate Stock, Promotional compliance- full Category Management for retailers and Brands. Providing intelligence on promotional and space/fixture compliance. Measured against client implementation targets. Full and partial stock checks with fixtures merchandised to planogram, ensures appropriate stock levels are maintained to fully maximise availability.

Data Capture

Marketing without data, is like driving with your eyes


It is by discovering “what” your customer’s expectations are, and training your staff to meet those expectations, that you can begin to grow your business.

It has been our experience that many companies face the same issues and concerns when it comes to offering excellent customer service regardless of the industry they serve. We offer mystery shopper services and audit programs to companies both large and small, to help gain control and insight into your business. 

Field Sales

If you're not taking care of your customers, your

competitors will

You can be sure that we have the right field sales / marketing solution to deliver your objectives and increase your sales. Take a look at our services pages to find out more about what we do or pick up to phone to talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you need support in defining your sales strategy for the Convenience sector, then our dedicated syndicated Convenience Sales Team is here to help. Launched to support brands in their effort to exploit growth in the booming convenience channel, our sales team can grow your brands distribution levels quickly and profitably in the best Convenience outlets.


Advertising moves people towards goods: Merchandising moves goods towards people.

Maximising sales opportunity through perfect merchandising, distribution, availability and promotional compliance. Driving availability by working with store colleagues to ensure all brands are consistently fully stocked. Ensuring the space you’ve paid for and the POS that’s been produced is on display, in the agreed location with the correct pricing the aim is POS excellence. Making the Most of impulse buys by means of the perfect branding set-up. Sales Merchandising provides set up, management and development of brands environments at the POS combined with same-day feedback for measurability  , transparency and monitoring of results. 


Appointments give you prospects, prospects give you sales.

Successful telesales work is underpinned by both the sales skills of the calling team and the pace of calling, balanced by the requirement to deliver a positive prospect experience and the need to optimise conversion from finite datasets. Rare is it that an in-house telesales team can reach the levels of productivity and efficiency of our specialist outbound telesales team.  Our bespoke calling platform and sales management system ensures a level of granularity on team performance unavailable to most in-house teams.We deliver unrivalled results for both B2B campaigns and high value B2C work.  Our highly experienced account managers will work with you to devise and manage an entire sales cycle, and our highly trained calling teams will reach the hard to find decision makers managing the sales process from cold to close. 

Alot of the time, people don't know what they want until you

show it to them.

So you’ve lovingly crafted a new product, or perhaps you need to increase awareness of your existing line? You’ve worked hard to develop and create something delicious and delightful for your target audience and now we need to get your wonder product flying off the shelves.

You know your target audience is going to fall in love with it, but how exactly do you find the right words to explain this to them? Well, sometimes words just won’t cut the mustard. Rather than simply telling your audience how exceptional your product is, why not let them experience it for themselves at the point of sale?

Promotional Staff

You'll never get a second chance to make a great first


Think about your target audience. Where do they live? Where do they shop? Realistically, how many stores and locations can you afford to visit in order to effectively target your activity? Ultimately, everything comes down to your target audience, so if you’re ever stumped as to what to do next, always refer back to this group and ensure you’re catering to their needs.

​Before you start, you’re going to be needing some bright, bubbly and engaging staff to lure your target audience into connecting with your product, and ultimately, falling in love with it.

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Social Media & Website Design

Social media is about the people! Not about your business, provide for the people and the people will provide for you.

So you've got an incredible business, but now you need help showing it off online. We can offer help with social media management and set up along with website design to help your business thrive online. Having an online presence is vital for any modern business and we can offer help to any business who may need designs and management for their online presence. 

Video Content

Great marketing starts with great stories. Be unique, inspire, and connect using video.

Why you need video content for your business?

As many as 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance that they'll purchase a product on their mobile device. Website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase on an online retail site after watching a video. Companies that use video are growing revenue 49% faster than those that don't. 

"One of the U.K's leading branding marketing and sales agencies" - FeetontheStreet

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