How can sampling benefit your brand?

Sampling is a hands on way of showing off how incredible your products are to the public in order to generate more customers and collect vital data.


Customers are 57% more likely to buy a product after they've tried a sample Therefore, giving your customers a chance to try a product before buying not only generates trust, but also creates a relationship you wouldn't of otherwise had with your new customers. 

YOUR brand

We take the time to get to know and understand your brand to get together the perfect staff members to sample your products.


We get your ideal promotional staff team together and brief them on your brand and what they'll be sampling.


Our talented staff members head out to start sampling your products to others whilst making sales or collecting data.

Catch up

We share our results with you and keep in contact to ensure all is well.

Free Tastings



Whatever it is you're choosing to have sampled out to the public, here at feet on the street we always aim to deliver the best possible results through tactical and personalised projects for each client. 

Our sampling staff will be up to date with your brand, and will be fully trained to deliver excellent results time after time. Sampling is all about not only trying to sell a product, but also about selling a brand. Sampling offers the customer a chance to see if they like your brand before investing, and that's where our sampling experts come in.