The top 3 best ways to keep your customers coming back!

What keeps your customers coming back?

Customer loyalty is key to running a successful small business. Your customers are the biggest advocates for your brand, and keeping those customers satisfied with your services is important when looking for repeat purchases. Here are our top 3 best tips to keep your customers coming back for business time and time again.

1. Make your customers feel important

The customers who shop with you have chosen your company over your competitors, this means they have an obvious interest in your brand and are taking the time to spend their money on your services. To reward your customers for choosing you over your competitors, make them feel special, and show them you care about their time and business. Excellent customer service is one of the best ways to keep your customers returning to you after the first purchase, and if your customers feel as though they are appreciated by your brand, they will be more obliged to tell friends and family about you.

2. Learn about your customers

Do your repeat customers have any hobbies? Do they order the same coffee every time they come in? What do they do for work? These are the kind of questions you should be asking your customers to create a more one on one experience with them whenever they're in store. Learning more about your customers makes the buying process even easier, as they're no longer just buying from a business, but from a friend. The more you and your customers know about each other, the more loyalty is created. This is sure to keep customers returning time and time again, as the bond you'll make will be stronger than that of your competitors.

3. Reward your loyal customers with generosity

So you have loyal customers that dedicate their time and money buying from your business, how can you reward your customers for their loyalty? Customers love feeling appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty to a company, the best ways to show your customers you care are ;

. Loyalty cards - Not only does this generate urgency and fun for the customer, but keeps that customer coming back to receive their reward from you.

. Discounts and Freebies - If your loyal customers are interested in trying out a new product of yours, or are looking to buy from you in bulk, try offering a discount! This will put a smile on your customer's face and will help build your relationship together.

. Going above and beyond for your loyal customers - Is there anything you could add to your service that shows you go that extra mile for your customer's loyalty? Perhaps a personalised message with their order? Or a free sample of another product you have in stock? Verbalising and proving that you care about your customers is the key to enticing those customers to continue service with you!

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to keep your customers happy online and face to face? Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can boost your customer services to increase repeat sales!

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