The importance of branding for your small business.

We all know that standing out as a small business is becoming increasingly harder and that competition is always on the rise whatever business you're running. Therefore, standing out from your competitors is vital, and your branding not only shows who you are, but will help your customers recognise you in the future. Here's a few things you should keep in mind when branding yourself.

1. Your logo

Your logo is one of the first things your customers will see and engage with when finding your brand. Therefore, it's important that your logo not only tells the story of your business, but represents your brand and it's values. Check out these few examples to see what makes a great logo.

Notice how the "Pintrest" logo incorporates a pin into it's lettering.

Notice how "The Bronx Zoo" has the sky line of New York City incorporated into the legs of the giraffes.

Notice how "Ed's Electric" has an "E" incorporated into the two plugs whilst still looking like a plug and adaptor coming together.

You should always try and incorporate you and your brand together when it comes to generating the perfect logo, to help you stand out from competitors and catch the attention of potential customers.

2. Business Cards

Your business cards are your great first impression. When creating your business cards, they should be as engaging as meeting a new customer in person. Your business card should not only accurately represent your brand and have all your relevant contact information, but should also be of such good quality that whoever you're handing it to, will be deterred from just throwing it away. Here's a few examples of some engaging business card ideas.

This cheese making business has incorporated cheese into it's business card to create a memorable and fun experience for their potential new customers.

This yoga company has used felt for their business cards to create the look of a yoga mat. Using new and interesting materials will encourage customers to keep and show off your business cards to others.

Are you looking to branch out and generate better branding for your business? Contact us at to get talking about how we can help get your branding up to scratch.

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