Why Poor Product Information is Damaging your Brand and Your Pocket

How is the lack of information on products affecting your business? How can you ensure the product information your customers want is accurate, consistent and easy to understand? Why are product information and reviews so important to consumers?

Accuracy and quality of product content across industries and retail channels are key. Product description accuracy has shown to significantly impact online sales, as well as increased brand loyalty.  

A recent survey carried out by Akeneo, Technology Company that develops product information management and product data intelligence software to improve customer experience, highlighted the importance of product information in delivering a positive customer experience, no matter the sector.

The survey which involved 1,600 professionals in B2B commerce across the consumer goods, food and drink, retail, construction, manufacturing, automotive and health care industries showed that 41% of respondents named product information as a top priority when evaluating brand experience. 

How exactly is poor product description really impeding online shoppers from placing their orders? 

According to the Product Information Reports (PIRs) the negative impact is more apparent in three areas: 

Shopping cart abandonment, more than 30% of consumers have abandoned an online shopping cart due to poor product descriptions. 

Returns, in the past year alone 40% of online shoppers had returned an online item due to inaccuracy on product information. 

Brand trust, as a consumer after going a long process of returning an online product because of product information inaccuracy doesn’t look very good for your business isn’t? 86% of respondents in the mentioned Product Information report stated that they would unlikely or very unlikely shop again from that company.

Peter Sheldon, senior director of commerce strategy at Adobe told Drum online magazine that: “Brands have known for a long time that product content is key to succeeding with online conversions. The right information at the right time can remove any niggling doubt or anxiety that’s preventing a customer from hitting the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Now, as a result of the pandemic, product information is increasingly being recognised as critical to the entire omnichannel experience.

“Consumers are anxious about spending time in physical stores, in the shopping mall, or on the high street. The typical in-store consumer is doing a lot more of their research online via their laptop at home, on their mobile phone. More than ever before, investing in product-related content is essential, not just for the digital channel, but now for all channels.”

If you want to avoid losing sales and see your brand trust affected, take into consideration these factors and make sure the product labelling is accurate and complete. If not Feet On The Street can always help you to manage and build your brand according to your business needs. Feet On The Street looks after those small details that create customer's trust. Products are only good as the information associated with it, don’t take the risk. 

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Credits to The Drum.com and RetailDive.com

Written by Coralie Ayala

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