How to make Covid-19 work for your business!

We understand that Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on a large percentage of businesses in the U.K. With many businesses having to do things differently, and some still unable to open, we're going to discuss our best tips on how to make Covid-19 work for you.

1. Take the time to work on other aspects of your business

Although most of us have been stuck indoors feeling like we're losing precious time, lock down has been a great chance to reflect on your business and it's needs. Taking the time to focus on things you otherwise wouldn't of had time to such as ; Social media optimisation, branding, connecting with customers online etc. can be extremely beneficial for your company as a whole. So, take this time out to really see what your business is lacking, and keep yourself occupied by upgrading and scaling your brand.

2. Take it online!

Although lock down is slowly starting to lift, large gatherings and close contact interaction is still a no no. So how can you interact with students, customers, and keep people talking about your brand? Take it online! Youtube videos, Instagram IGTV and Facebook live have been used by thousands of businesses across the U.K to ensure those who love interacting with you aren't missing out. This is a great way to potentially reach out to new people/customers online, and also a great way to keep yourself busy whilst off work.

3. Delivery services

Does you own a restaurant, small cafe or bar/pub? If so, why not reach out to your customers by offering a delivery service? Although restrictions on eating out have been slightly lifted, there's still uncertainty about how long restaurants and pubs will be able to be open for once children go back to school. So, to ensure your business doesn't come to a halt, try offering deliveries of food and drink to your customers to keep them in touch with your business and keep money coming in.

Are you looking for more hands on ways to upgrade your business over the Covid period? Get in contact today to see what we can do to help you gain exposure, and keep business flowing!

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