Handling life while self-employed

Running your own business can be both tricky and time consuming. You love what you do, however sometimes it's difficult to manage your spare time and work time effectively. Part of being self-employed means that your work becomes your life, so we're here to offer our top 3 best tips on handling your time effectively whilst being self-employed.

1. Create a work schedule and stick to it as well as you can!

Working for yourself often means that you end up working even on your "days off." You are your own boss, and you are in charge when things may go wrong or need correcting last minute. However, it's important when you run a small business to know when your working hours are and when to make time for yourself. Relaxation helps our minds to focus and make better decisions when we're challenged. If you never switch off from "work mode" your performance levels will decrease and you'll eventually find yourself drained and unmotivated. Try scheduling your time so that you have your working days, and your personal days to ensure your business is always running smoothly.

2. Work phone and personal phone

If you run the kind of small business that takes multiple phone calls and emails from customers and clients on a daily basis, it may be a good idea to invest in a work phone and keep a personal phone for yourself. As previously mentioned, switching off from "work mode" is extremely important when it comes to running your business as effectively as possible. Therefore, investing your money in a second phone just for work, means you're physically able to remove yourself from work on your days off, and concentrate on your relaxation and personal time. This can also apply for work days when you're "out of office" and want to stick to a strict work day schedule.

3. Plan your weeks a week ahead!

When planning your work schedule, it's important to know when you're available and when you're not. Therefore, planning your working week an extra week ahead of schedule means that you not only have time to schedule time off for yourself, but also to ensure that you are organised and can handle your time much more effectively. Scheduling your time this way will also mean every day of the week that you are working, you are planning to do something proactive and beneficial for your business.

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