Are influencers a reliable marketing source?

We've all seen how social media influencers are changing the way we engage with businesses online. But can using influencers be a trusted marketing method for your brand? Here are a few of the pros and cons of working with social media influencers to boost your business.

1. Overall Cost

Although working with influencers to boost your brands recognition may seem like a small job for the person involved, many influencers will charge a hefty price depending on their social media following, and their overall engagement rate online. On average, influencers working on platforms such as Instagram can charge anywhere between £50-£1,000 per sponsored post. However, some celebrities and public figures can charge at an even higher rate, with some sponsored posts costing over £30,000 for some of the country's most popular celebs. Overall, the more you pay for a sponsored influencer post, the more followers they should have, and the more business they should bring you.

2. The Results

Like all marketing campaigns, there is a small risk involved when working with influencers online. Doing your research on whoever you're thinking to endorse your product or service, is always recommended when working with anybody online. Here's a few things to be wary of when working with influencers to promote your brand.

.Ghost followers/ low engagement rate - On average, a healthy engagement rate for any influencer should be around 5-10%. If an influencer has 100,000 followers on your chosen platform, they should be reaching roughly 5,000- 10,000 people with each good quality post. This can be monitored by asking the influencer for their "reach" or analytics. If they have hundreds of thousands of followers, yet they're only reaching say 1,000-3,000 people, you may want to try and find somebody with a slightly higher engagement rate to endorse your brand to get the best possible results

.Too much endorsement - When an influencer constantly posts sponsored ads on their story and social platforms, it can sometimes be a deterrent for viewers and followers. Working with an infuencer who has experience doing sponsored posts is very important, however the more sponsorship's they do, the less relevant yours will become. When finding the perfect influencer, try choosing someone with experience, that doesn't have an account solely based on sponsorship's.

Low quality posts - Some influencers go above and beyond in new and interesting ways to get others interested in your brand. However, be wary of influencers who are only in it for the money. To avoid working with influencers who do poor, low quality ads for your brand after being paid, check how they've endorsed others in the past and see if their methods would be suitable for you.

3. Reaching Audiences

Although some influencers may seem slightly costly, the results they can bring can be extremely positive. Fashion brand "Pretty little thing" have used influencers over the years to grow their billion pound empire online. It's said that they send out over 20,000 PR packages to influencers every month to endorse their new ranges. Along with endorsing bigger brands, influencers are also great for promoting start up brands and businesses. Using a well known influencer to promote your new business is a fantastic way to generate trust between you and new customers, along with building up your social media presence and overall reaching new people online.

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