How can branding benefit your business? 

Having professional logo's, merchandise, marketing materials etc for your business, is key to the success and development of your brand. We can help design and generate the perfect brand image for your business in order to make it easier for your customers to recognise you in the future, and to also build a respectable and reputable look for your brand both online and face to face.  


You have the brand, we have the strategies to help build brand recognition through our dedicated design team.


Our team put together bespoke plans, sketches and designs to best represent your brand and it's values.


We will contact you to discuss any revisions of designs before finalising the project.

Catch up

We hand over your designs and will keep in contact to check all is well.

Why choose Feet on the Street?

Editing an Image


Here at Feet on the Street we know how important having the appropriate brand image for your business is. Your brand image is what sets you apart from your competitors, whilst also being the way your customers gain immediate knowledge of your products.

Not only do we take the time to know and understand your business before going forward with the branding process, we also dive in deeper and learn more about you. The people behind the brand are the beating heart of the business, so for us, learning about founders and how your brand has developed over the years, helps us understand how we can perfectly represent your brand through design.