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Why choose Feet on the Street to manage your brand?

We understand at Feet on the Street that your brand image and maintenance is extremely important to the growth and development of your business. Therefore we work hard to ensure our bespoke projects work well with your brand image and values, along with ensuring we are constantly delivering the best possible service to our clients.


We get to know your brand and it's values to best asses how we can manage your promotion.


Our team put together bespoke plans per quarter for the next 12 months to best represent your brand, manage your sales, increase distribution etc.


We get to work using our variety of hands on services to bring the results your brand needs.

Catch up

We return your results from the project to you to see your progress.

In a Meeting


Over a 12 month period, our team works hard to bring our services together and design bespoke projects to help manage your sales, distribution, brand recognition etc. Per quarter, we put to work what we believe your brand could benefit from. This can be anything from field sales, to merchandising, compliance and many more to help maintain and carry out the best possible service for your brand. 

We have worked with some of the U.K's top brands to carry out bespoke project plans, ensuring that the management they need will be beneficial and increase sales.