We’d like to formally introduce you to our company, and give you some 

insight into how we do what we do, to help your business grow.

Here at Feet on the Street, we're all about building your brand. We understand that during this process one size won't fit all, therefore, we develop bespoke projects for all our clients to grow and scale. You have the brand; we have the means to get that brand in front of the retailer and consumers – through insight, great people and our partnership approach to mutually benefit both businesses.

If you need support in growing sales of your brand or need to increase your social media presence, we can help by using our dedicated field sales teams and design experts to negotiate increased distribution for your products, and build more of a presence for your brand online. These are just a few examples of the services we provide , and we always aim to achieve impressive results for the brands we support. We love working closely with our customers to ensure that needs are always met, and aim to make fantastic working relationships with those who need our help.

When you start working with Feet on the Street, we will send you a full service list to discuss how we can help you further. Whether it be social media management, field sales, or indifferent, we can supply you with a plan of action to help scale your business.

We then contact you directly whether that be over the phone or a face to face meeting with our team to discuss your business' needs, and how we can work together to help you grow and expand. This may include discussions about website design, merchandising or any other services that will best help your business.

Once we've discussed your business needs, we can make a start on scaling and growing your brand. We communicate with our customers regularly to give updates and insights into how Feet on the Street is making an impact on the progression of your business.

"We have been working with Feet on the Street across our brand for the past 18 months, and have been really impressed with the results that have been achieved in driving distribution of our brands across the London area. 


The team are flexible, responsive and give clear feedback on how the activities are performing and if there are any recommendations which would lead to improvements.

Feet on the Street have also undertaken some one off projects which have enabled us to get a better understanding of potential opportunities and how we can work together to realise those in a cost effective manner."

- Shawn Whelan

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